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Get Weather on Your Side

Get Weather on Your Side
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How's the weather today? Is it sunny, windy or raining? Does it make a difference to you? It should only as far as your decision to get an umbrella with you or not is concerned. If the weather worries you in terms of garage door problems, you are in trouble. Do you know why? Garage doors are affected highly by temperatures, humidity, and elements. Despite these facts, weather shouldn't be the problem; not with so many solutions on the market. The secret is to make the right decisions at the right time. That's all! Then …

… Let it rain …

Garage Door Adjustment No weather is good enough for your overhead door. If it's hot, it will also be humid and moisture is bad for the steel parts. If it rains, it's still humid and if you haven't replaced the bottom seal, water will come into the garage. Not nice at all! If it's cold and windy, elements will land on your doorway, hit the door, make the floor dirty and possibly fool the reverse mechanism. Sensors will also be fooled by intense sun. Does it snow? The door might get stuck on the floor. No, don't get rid of the door! You need it. You just have to be sure you get the weather on your side.

If you are planning to replace the existing garage door, think of YOUR weather. Do you need storm doors? Will wood doors only give you trouble? Choose the material carefully so that garage door maintenance will be cost effective. Get an insulated door so that your house will be protected in the cold and hot days. Lubricate garage door parts so they will operate well in all temperatures. Install top quality weather seals, replace them when they are worn and acquire aluminum frames. Let others worry about the weather! You just get your raincoat with you!

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