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Which is better? Extension or torsion springs?

Our experts agree that torsion garage door springs are better because they tend to last longer, aside from being stronger compared to extension springs. Torsion springs also balance the door’s weight better, which is important in ensuring the door’s smooth operation. They work like a torque, twisting and coiling when pressure is applied.

Is it important for me to know a garage door’s R-value?

R-value is simply the measure of a garage door’s thermal efficiency. The higher it is, the greater the insulation of the product. It is necessary to know the R-value if you are very particular with efficiency, especially if your garage is directly attached to your home.

Do I need to have my garage door insulated?

You only need an insulated door if your garage is directly attached to your home, or if it shares a common wall with it. The heating and cooling will be lost, increasing energy costs, if the garage is not insulated. There are several options for you if you want an energy-efficient door.

What are the common options for commercial garage doors?

Common options for commercial garage doors include sectional, rolling and sheet doors. Sectional doors are energy-efficient, attractive and easy to operate. Rolling doors are durable and require less maintenance, while sheet garage doors are cheap and easy to install. Popular manufacturers that have a good reputation for commercial garage doors offer quality products that meet the needs of businesses.

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