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Good-looking garage doors add security

It was once found in a research some years ago that homes with good-looking garage doors or those that had a recent door replacement had the lower probability of being targeted by interlopers or trespassers. Our experts believe this is because good-looking doors appear more secure. Hence, proper garage door maintenance should always be undertaken.

Get back-up power for your door opener

Electric garage door openers require electricity to work. That’s why it is advisable to have backup power supply to avoid door opener inconveniences whenever there are power outages. Not everyone knows how to disengage the torsion spring or to revert the door to manual control. A backup power supply is a convenient accessory to get.

Proper door cleaning

You can’t just clean your garage door in the same way you clean other parts of a house. An iron or steel door, for example cannot be exposed to bleach and other corrosive substances. You also have to avoid regularly exposing the hinges, chains, tracks, and other corrodible parts of the door to water. Prefer dry cleaning if possible.

Keep your garage door tracks well maintained

If applying a lubricant is not suitable for garage door tracks, "what are the steps to keep it maintained"? You might ask. Well, cleaning the dirt off the tracks is a good trick. Armed with a damp cloth, wipe the inside portion of your tracks to remove accumulated dirt and grime.

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