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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our contractors have expert knowledge and are top garage door repair specialists

Not only will the testimonials of our customers prove our experience but also underline our courtesy

The best installers of openers

I don't have the right words to express my satisfaction to the services I received from your company. Not only did your staff assist me in picking the perfect garage door opener for my home but they also made clear that I should pay attention to the opener's safety features now and later. They had come to install the opener and when I asked them to place the wall button lower, they explained the meaning of safety features, told me everything about UL 325 and all regulations, and gave me lots of safety tips. They were awesome, careful and very polite!

Excellent opener sensors maintenance service

We didn't have any particular problems with the garage door opener or the reverse system for that matter but we do have children. So, one day we just decided to maintain the sensors as often as we can. Thankfully, we have Garage Door Repair Blaine to rely on. Whenever we call, they are here! This was actually the first time we were hiring this garage door contractor and we got very impressed by their quick response, thorough work and the whole behavior of the technicians. Since then, they keep coming back for garage door opener maintenance and we never had problems.

Experienced team for cable repair

The garage door cable at our house kept coming off the drum but nobody told us to replace it. We decided to change garage door companies. We were told to call Garage Door Repair Blaine, and the technicians of this contractor told us that the cable was worn and it should be replaced or it will keep on coming off. We already knew that, but we haven't told him that this was already happening in order to hear his opinion first. So, we gave him the permission to replace the cable. The job finished quickly and the entire garage door service was great.

Explained everything about electric operators

Before even deciding to replace our current garage door opener, we wanted to get the opinion of an expert. Blaine Garage Door Repair seemed to be the best choice among companies since we read good reviews about them, and a couple of neighbors have been working with them for years. We were very impressed! Not only did we get exactly what we were looking for but their whole assistance was fantastic. We didn't know a thing about electric operators and now we know too much. All thanks to them! Plus, the installation of the opener was excellent. Very nice group of professionals!

Replaced my remote clicker quickly

My son played with the garage door clicker till he dropped it. It was broken! I was furious! Now I had to move fast, as I had no other way of operating the door (I didn't want to do it manually). The truth is that Garage Door Repair Blaine moved even faster. The technician came along with the new multicode remote. It wasn't just that they ordered the new remote fast but also the fact that they told me a lot about clickers so that I could have options and make the right choice. The service was excellent and I really thank them for it!

I got the best opener

"I wanted to have an electronic opener installed in my garage at home because I was getting tired of having to open and close it myself every time. I wasn’t sure who to go with, or which would be the best opener for me. A friend of mine told me about Garage Door Repair in Blaine and so I called them. They sent out a technician who gave me a run down on some of the best products available. After I selected one, they got to work installing my system and had it up and running in no time. I was really glad to find this company and would recommend them to anyone."


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